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Rare Photograph "The Only Original Buster Brown at Grove City, PA"

Rare black and white photograph, estimated 1920’s, is printed on heavy stock photographic paper. The street scene depicts a real child dressed as Buster Brown with a dog. They are standing on a stage in front of store fronts, which include a shoe shop and a drug store, with several people, adults and children, watching. Handwritten at the bottom of the photo : "The only original Buster Brown at Grove City, PA"

Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcault. The name Buster came either directly or indirectly from the popularity of Buster Keaton, at that time a child star of vaudeville. Pete the Pup, who played Tige, was later associated with the popular Our Gang (Little Rascals) comedies.

The character of Buster Brown was loosely based on Granville Hamilton Fisher, a son of Charles and Anna Fisher of Flushing, New York. Fisher's physical appearance, including the characteristic pageboy haircut, was copied by Outcault and given to Buster Brown.

The Buster Brown Blue Ribbon Shoe Factory was located at 1526 N. Jefferson Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. The brick building, which has a wedge-shaped U- plan, was completed in 1901, and features a five-story rounded corner at the intersection of N.

Photo Measures: 11" x 17".
Framed Measurements: 23.25 x 17.75”
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