Vintage Video Camera

Vintage RCA Video Camera BW004, control box and Canon zoom lens
Both camera and controller box light up, we assume it is functional with the proper recorder and playback unit.
Comes in a vintage Paramount travel case

Video Cameras require a separate recorder and playback unit
Camcorders integrate camera and recorder/playback in one unit


RCA BW-004 Black and White Vidicon Tube Pickup Video Camera (1979-80) Early home video equipment were expensive so a budget user would buy a black and white as color was prohibitively expensive and large. Early video camera were simple, optical viewfinder, pause and record button and the lens was operated manually and would need a separate monitor to get proper focus and zoom;
Barren of features. Similar to the old Kodak Brownie Box Camera. Original price around $300.

Shipping available and Delivery also available within 125klm of Perth and Smiths Falls. Please contact us for details and pricing
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$15.00 CAD

Part Number: DM-32-35

Being sold by Clarith Collectables in Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada

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