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Antique Magic Lantern- Ernst Plank Co Germany

Magic Lantern made by the Ernst Plank Co in Germany circa 1900
There are 5 intact slides and a few broken.
The oil lamp was replaced with an electric light and was restored with a new leg added

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The Ernst Plank Company Info:
The Ernst Plank Company was seated in the Hochfederstrasse 40 in the German toy town of Nuremberg. In 1866 it was enrolled in the Commercial Register of Nuremberg as 'Ernst Plank, Fabrik Optischer und Mechanischer Waren'. Besides magic lanterns the firm also made all kinds of tin toy steamboats and train sets. Ernst Plank was the second largest in Nuremberg, after the 'Gebrüder Bing'.

Almost all the lanterns from Plank are supplied with its trade mark, bearing the initials 'E.P.'. Sometimes this mark was simply pressed in the tin, mostly a roundel was fixed to the lantern by means of two small clips.

$235.00 CAD

Being sold by The Angry Leprechaun Products in Lombardy, Ontario, Canada

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