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Wildlife Print Canadian Artist Brenda Carter 1943-2010

" Dried Flowers: Male Cardinal"

Measures Framed: 26 1/4 x 16 inches

Giclee canvas print edition 32/95
Certificate of Authenticity attached

Artist Info:
Carter is recognized in Canada and abroad as a wildlife and landscape artist; she traveled and painted for over forty years. Often challenged by powerful elements and her subject matter (including lions, musk ox and polar bears), her adventure-packed expeditions to the Canadian Arctic resulted in a rich legacy of work. She painted on location throughout the world: the Canadian Arctic, the Antarctic, Africa, Australia, the U.K., Ireland, the Galapagos Islands, Central America, and South America.
The first woman to receive both the Duck's Unlimited Stamp Award as well as the Wildlife Habitat Canada Art Award, Carter conducted extensive research in the field. Much of her painting was done on location in acrylics and watercolours. Later in her career, influenced by European artists, her painting was in an impressionistic plein air style. Her work was exhibited and commissioned in North America and abroad by the Canadian and National Geographical Societies, Chimo Hotels, Remington Art Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature, and Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. For many years, she exhibited at her own gallery in Merrickville, Ontario, and wrote a monthly bird column for local newspapers.
Born in Calgary (January 22, 1943) and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Carter studied at the Hilton Leach School of Art and the Ringling School of Art in Florida. In 1964 she was employed by the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canadian Wildlife Service; her work deepened her understanding of biology, animal behaviour and anatomy. She then worked for several years as an assistant to T. H. Manning, tagging polar bears for the Canadian Government on a circumpolar project involving Canada, the US, Scandinavia and Russia. The Canadian Government sponsored a painting summer for her to travel throughout the High Arctic, under the same format as used by A.Y. Jackson. She continued her high arctic work by accompanying other scientists in research camps, learning valuable observation techniques, and gaining the opportunity to paint in otherwise inaccessible areas. Brenda Carter was an accomplished horsewoman and had her airplane pilot’s license.
Carter started the Merrickville Studio Tour in 1984. The original artists formed the Merrickville Artist's Guild. She was also one of the founding members of a group of established and emerging landscape and wildlife artists in northeastern United States who met annually to view and critique one another’s work.
In 1999, she began an unusual project, to draw and paint as many species of birds in North America as possible in one year. By year's end, she had completed 514 species - all sketched in the wild. Her total reached 600. During that time she filled many sketchbooks with thousands of drawings from life. To keep in practice, she began sketching from a live model with the Go Figure! art club. She was a member of the Merrickville Artist's Guild, the Society of Animal Artists and the Ottawa Watercolour Society.

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